• PizzzAR is the only complete end-to-end cloud-based digital advertising in the Kenya service platform; that simplifies the digital advertising workflow and provides all the facilities you need to get your contents into consumer’s hands and to capture their attention quickly.
  • PizzzAR helps businesses build, deliver and grow their digital business with stunning digital assets and targeted interactive experiences in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.
  • PizzzAR will reverse the decline and revive the prospects of the business. It is definitely a boom to the business.


  • As the advertiser, add an AR code on your printed advertisement (flyer, advertisement Newspaper ad etc.) The user/viewer first needs to download and install the PizzzAR App into his/her smartphone or tablet.
  • The user/viewer then simply points the camera of his/her smartphone or tablet at the image (or Marker) to trigger /play the AR Production.
  • By pointing the smartphone’s camera at the image of the printed ads, the viewer can play a video, see more pages of texts and images, access a website, listen to audios or get an incentive such as discount vouchers, etc.
  • Watch a video clip presentation at


  • Ideal for Push and Pull advertisement and promotion campaigns Super cost-efficient.
  • A dashboard provides the advertiser with the visibility of the performance of each campaign and the relative costs up-to-date.
  • The contents of the ad/promo campaigns are digital and can be updated by uploading the updated assets to the cloud-based server.
  • There is no need to make any change to the Marker when updating the contents of the ad/promo campaigns Delivery of the ad and promo contents in the language of preference of the user/viewer.
  • AR/VR/MR Presentation of the ad and promo.
  • Multiple sessions of playing of the Project can take place concurrently across time zones anywhere in the world, only an Internet connection is required.


  • Enhance your printed ads
  • Bring your marketing collateral alive by adding a video, texts, audio, images, catalogues, etc. on your print media to drive more actions.
  • Increase emotional connection to your brand Increase customer engagement.
  • Ideal for Push and Pull advertising campaigns Differentiate your services.
  • Unlock new revenues.
  • Measure your advertising efforts.
  • Suitable for education campaigns_ you can include relevant information to your print media to educate/ inform your target market.